These Funky grinders come with a high quality glass body, acrylic lid and the all-important Ceramic Grinding Mechanism. They are built for convenience and function. Unlike other grinders they have their grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring your salt & pepper only ends up on your food – not all over your table! The Ceramic Grinder is non-corrosive, won’t absorb flavours and is easily adjustable from a fine to course grind. Don’t you hate having to constantly refill your grinders or worse still – throw them away! These grinders hold a hefty 150ml of ingredient.

Gourmet Seasoned Salts - Line 17

GST Included
  • Herb & Garlic - An expert blend of Salt, Classic Herbs and Garlic to deliver a superbly balanced Herb flavour.Why not try it combined with butter – it is excellent on toasted crusty bread, which can be served as an appetiser or accompaniment to any pasta dish.And Roast Chicken doesn’t taste the same without a generous grind on the top before cooking.


    On The Edge -A Mouth-Watering Blend of Chilli & Black Peppercorn. The Heat & the Flavour will add a satisfying punch to any dish.A Real treat for those who want that extra heat!


    Bar-B-Que - Fire up your Bar-B-Que and add a Power-Packed Punch of flavour to Steak and Sausages with this Paprika & Garlic based seasoning.Try it on Lamb Chops, Fillet or Beef Steak, Country Style Ribs, Pork, Burgers – the list is endless!


    Gourmet Pepper - A gentle combination of Aroma, Tang & Colour for connoisseurs of fresh whole Peppercorns. A Punchy Pepper blend with hints of fresh & floral flavours.A fabulous alternative to the traditional Black Peppercorn.