Wellingtons Wick creates hand poured and beautifully scented artisan jar candles, travel tin candles and melts. Candles are available in a range of both unique and traditional vessels and scents that will leave you wanting more.


All of Wellingtons Wicks candles and melts use 100% natural eco soy wax and fragrance oils. Each candle is lovingly poured by hand and let to set for two weeks to ensure an even burn and strong throw of the scent.

Wellingtons Wick Soy Candles

GST Included
  • Palm Cove - Palm Cove is reminiscent of a day at our tropical and much loved Palm Cove Beach. With hints of coconut and summer fruits, this fragrance smells like a holiday in a jar.


    Caramel Vanilla - Enriched with sweet and salty buttery caramel, this fragrance is balanced perfectly with lashings of rich creamy vanilla and hints of lightly toasted coconut and tonka bean.


    Coconut, Almond & Vanilla Bean - This mellow fragrance is a medley of tonka bean, and subtle hints of buttery rum, with base notes of toasted almond and vanilla creme.


    Lime Basil & Mandarin - This premium fragrance combines fresh, zesty citrus notes of mandarin and lime. A delicate composition with the addition of sweet and peppery basil ensures that this scent is both well balanced and decisive.


    Tableland Avocado - Pleasantly sweet and fresh, Tableland Avocado and Mint is a seriously exceptional smell for the avocado-lover. Highlighted by additional notes of mandarin, lemon, jasmine and geranium, this layered fragrance is them lifted by the softness of vanilla and light musk. A fresh and distinct combination.


    Wild Hazel & Coconut - This mellow fragrance is a medley of wild hazel and tonka bean, with base notes of toasted almond and vanilla creme. The fresh lashings of creamy coconut evoke thoughts of a tropical escape, with this combination smelling like a summer day at the beach.


    Frosted Sugar Apple - A sweet and zesty mingling of juicy pomegranate and rosy pink apples ensure strong this fragrance is fresh and fruity. Dusted with sugar frosting, and with soft base notes of malt and creamy vanilla bean, this scent is simply delicious.


    Twinberry Honeysuckle - For those with a love of florals, Twinberry Honeysuckle is sure to tempt. Layered with middle notes of sweet grape and neroli, and subtle base notes of jasmine and violet, this sweet flowering vine is one of the most loved floral scents.


    Lavender & Warm Amber - This is a beautifully complex blend of French lavender and rustic amber, with added notes of Tonka bean and clary sage. A twist on the traditional lavender scent, this soothing blend embraces the senses. With a warm musky base, this fragrance is both timeless and perfectly balanced.


    Pink Lotus & Camelia - This is a stunning aroma with great pink lotus blossom at its heart. Blended carefully with camellia flower and encircled by lemon and amber, it rests on a sweet base of white musk. Both calming and feminine, this fragrance beautifully combine some the sweetest of florals to provide a scent that is both delicate and sensual.


    North QLD Lychee & Guava - This is a fruity combination with the subtle freshness of lychee fruit, a burst of guava, and the exquisite sweetness of mixes berries. This exotic fragrance is balanced perfectly with the addition of lime and soft creamy vanilla. A fruity and tropical treat for the senses.


    Seaside Plumeria & Orange - A sun kissed beach drapes nuances of coconut milk and soft vanilla over perfumed flowers of frangipani and orange blossom. Subtle base notes of mandarin, iris, and patchouli marry beautifully to create this stunningly delicate beach blend.


    Peach, Lime & Melon  - This fragrance is a mouth-watering blend of fresh peach, kaffir lime, and juicy mango. With the additional fruity bursts of melon and pineapple, it is the ideal scent reminiscent of summer cocktails on the sand.


    Bedarra Day Spa - Immerse yourself in the relaxing fragrance of Bedarra Day Spa… a refreshingly mellow scent with a cool water accord that will both revitalise and calm your senses, With notes of crisp cucumber, spicy ginger and sharp spearmint, this fragrance has been carefully blended to provide a tranquil scent experience.


    VENUS - Goddess of Love - The Goddess of Love, Desire and Prosperity, Venus is unashamedly free and confident. She guides us along the path to self-love and empowerment, and helps us to receive happiness and harmony in our lives. Call on Venus to ignite your internal flame, and invoke the power of love in your life.


    PSYCHE - Goddess of Soul - Psyche is the divine Goddess of Soul, Spirit and Compassion. She encourages self-discovery and personal growth. Call on Psyche to help transform your expectations into positive change, and to assist in a positive mind shift that supports your glowing spirit.


    EOS - Goddess of New Beginnings - The Goddess of Dawn, and of New Beginnings, Eos has an insatiable lust for both love and adventure. She reminds us that the gift of life should be lived with passion. Call on Eos when starting afresh, and when chasing guidance and assurance to find the passion for life that you seek and deserve.


    HEBE - Goddess of Youth - Elegant and charming, Hebe is the Deity of Youth and Beauty, Hebe encourages us to get in touch with our youthfulness and to be present in the moment. Call on Hebe to nourish your spirit, and nurture your playful nature.

    *Some scents may not be available in all sizes